Trauma Informed Care

Care coordination is an important aspect of my work, strengthening and widening the safety net around the patients I share with mental health therapists, naturopaths and other physicians, psychiatric providers, physical therapists, and bodyworkers. While it takes little time out of my week, it offers great benefit to our shared patients, helps inform our work, and offers a sense of comfort to know that we are not the only provider supporting a patient. 

I know that I can not be everything for clients but am incredibly cautious about who I refer to given the nature of the client population I work with.  It has provided me with a deep sense of comfort to be able to refer to you…
— Anjuli Shah-Johnson, LCSW

Frequency of care coordination is determined by the team - myself, you, and our shared client - and by the acuity of client need. Even when client’s situations don’t require much active involvement, having a release of information on file allows us to quickly contact each other in the case of active crisis. 

Currently Accepting New Clients & Referrals

My practice is currently accepting referrals for patients with a variety of health concerns, especially those related to anxiety, early life and developmental or attachment trauma, chronic nervous system stress and the manifestations of these stressors, such as digestive issues, headaches, chronic pain, hormonal dysregulation, anxiety and depression.  


How Can I Help?

Curious if one of your clients or patients is a good fit for my practice or need to coordinate care? Please schedule a consultation.


Banner photo by Marcus Dall Col