Client Success Stories

My patients sometimes describe this work as “magic” because of the deeply rejuvenating, transformational, or peaceful experiences on the treatment table. I believe this work is highly dependent on a good connection between the practitioner and the patient.

I now consider the craniosacral treatments vital to my ongoing creative process...

Justin is a songwriter and a lawyer with a solo practice. He first came to acupuncture for a troubling numbness in his thumb, a bum shoulder, and curiosity about craniosacral therapy.

“What I found was that the craniosacral treatments provided an unexpected benefit: cleansing my mind and heart of (most of my) anxiety. I now consider the craniosacral treatments vital to my ongoing creative process. They consistently clear out the gunk that builds up in my psyche from creative decision-making.

I consider this to be gift to, and a competitive advantage for, my brain. It is one of the greatest fortunes of my life to be treated by Tracy."


I have gotten much much better at calming my body in the moment, consciously...

Jim is a web developer, bike commuter, Hollywood Theatre member, and on-again-off-again Zen Practitioner.

Reflecting on his experience, Jim writes, “This might sound bad, but I was pretty skeptical of acupuncture in general before seeing you, and without my therapist’s “no no, this will be different” reassurance, I might not have gone. I’d had bad experiences with terrible emotional upheaval after acupuncture in the past, and didn’t want to experience that again.

“So: believing that these needles and the hands-on work you do could help me was already a fundamental shift in thinking. I see small ways, now, that I’m able to accept the unknown in other areas because of this. Even though I don’t fully understand acupuncture, I can be ok with the unknown because I understand that it’s not random, it’s not woo-woo hippie junk, and it's helping me.

“I also am learning to be more in tune with my body. I can feel shifts that alert me to underlying emotions or stress in a different way. During the hands-on work, I can tell the days when I can’t even relax my body enough to accept a hand on me; and I have also gotten much much better at calming my body in the moment, consciously.” 


Walking into your little room feels like home: a safe space for transformation...

Jessica is a graduate student in her 20s who practices yoga, loves hiking, and meditation. It was exhaustion that cause her to seek out Chinese medicine for help. “Looking back to February is like looking into a dark blur. The first time I saw you I felt like I was on the verge on complete collapse. I felt like everything was wrong, and even worse was that I didn’t have any hope that it would get better...I was really depressed. I don’t even have a clear grasp in memory of that time, it is a blur of grey.

The most striking thing you did on that first appointment was not rush the appointment at all…You never negated any of my problems and instead held them all in high importance, yet expressed the knowledge that they are impermanent and changeable, and visible as patterns. That appointment gave me hope. The biggest thing that changed is that I am functional again!!! To be relieved from debilitating headaches, and only after a few weeks of treatment, has given me my life back… and makes everything a lot more manageable. Right now, I feel way better than functional :)

“I love being able to see you every week and walking into your little room feels like home: a safe space for transformation. I love that I can bring up whatever is going on in that moment, and I feel our rapport is developing so naturally and that I have someone to talk to who can understand and relate to what I am feeling. I feel safe being vulnerable with you, and that is a treasure."


Let's Continue Your Healing Journey Together

Whether you’re craving a re-alignment tune-up or feeling that your system is bogged down and needs a bigger overhaul, you’ll find a haven in which you can let down for a bit and just be. Stop and imagine that for a moment - just being. It sounds so simple, and yet in our experience it can be harder to come by.

We don’t always have the freedom to take a week in the backcountry or at a yoga retreat, but if we really look for it, we can usually track down one hour in which to get support for centering, grounding, and alignment.


Client photos by Jon Flobrant, Cody Black, and Marion Michele