Tracy Andrews Acupuncture

Acupuncture, herbal medicine & craniosacral therapy in Portland, Oregon

Tracy Andrews, licensed acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon, takes a compassionate, patient and thorough approach to working with her patients. In her practice, Tracy specializes in treating depression, anxiety, and stress, finding that these are often related to digestion, sleep and other issues. Complimentary 20 minute consultation available.

The healing journey begins with us


...but we don’t have to walk that path alone. I believe, in fact, that we can’t do the whole thing as a solo mission. At some point, we all need to be witnessed and supported in our journey. I’m here to support you on your journey at whatever stage you might be, whether you’re just starting out, struggling with a plateau, or needing extra help getting through a difficult time.

The pursuit of healing is an integral part of the journey to become more fully who we are. Starting this adventure unlocks our capacity to discover more about ourselves and makes our unique gifts more accessible to share with our loved ones, our passions, and our work. 

The doorway to the true healing opens when we allow ourselves to look at our symptoms and diseases within the bigger context of our lives. 

Acupuncture and craniosacral work help balance the flow of energy within our minds and bodies so that we can experience alignment within ourselves and feel more like ourselves. As we become more balanced, it becomes easier for us to align with our true natures and we free up our vitality to engage more fully with life.