Tracy Andrews Acupuncture

Acupuncture, herbal medicine & craniosacral therapy in Portland, Oregon

Tracy Andrews, licensed acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon, takes a compassionate, patient and thorough approach to working with her patients. In her practice, Tracy specializes in treating depression, anxiety, and stress, finding that these are often related to digestion, sleep and other issues. Complimentary 20 minute consultation available.

What Can You Expect?



Through careful tending and small, sustainable changes in our daily lives, we can increase our resilience and nurture healing of our frazzled, overwrought and exhausted more →

My work is to provide presence, comfort, and to formulate an individualized treatment plan leveraging acupuncture, hands-on therapies and herbal medicine to support you in this healing process. Whatever your needs, I am available to collaborate with your other providers to create the best possible conditions for healing.



I believe the better we understand ourselves and our bodies, the easier it is for us to make choices that support our more →

... whether that’s letting our bodies tell us when we need rest, listening to our gut when making a decision or learning to recognize our patterns so that we have more choice in our experience.



We’ll work together to clarify what support you most need right now and create a treatment plan that takes into consideration the many complicating factors of everyday more →

My goal is to find what works for you.  I plan to spend a full 90 minutes with you at your initial visit, where we’ll sit down together and talk about your symptoms and how they fit into the larger context of your life. We will go through your health history and listen to your health concerns. Whether yours are as seemingly simple as back pain or complicated, long-running and mysterious, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story.


Trauma-Informed Care

It’s important to have safe spaces for trauma to heal. I’m not a therapist, but I provide a space in which the somatic expressions of trauma can be safely more →

This means that we enter a session without a set agenda other than supporting your wellbeing. We may or may not use needles, because sometimes needles are too much. You always have the right - and are encouraged - to speak up if something feels uncomfortable and needs to be adjusted. We work together to find a way that works for you, and sometimes that looks different from one session to the next. It’s ok. What we need changes from day-to-day and week-to-week. That’s just part of the journey.

For many patients, I will be in the treatment room for the entire visit. I remain available within earshot for those patients who like to have some time alone“cooking” on the table during a session. To me, this is an important component of trauma-informed care.


Safe Haven

I believe that for true healing we need to experience our own vulnerability within the safety of authentic connection and more →

My goal is to create a space in which you get to feel truly seen and heard, and your true self has permission to shine through. I strive to keep this space free of judgement or “should’s” or shaming. We each walk our unique path at our own pace. I commit to do my best to create and hold the space for you to be exactly how you need to be in the moment, whether that is inspired, collapsed, fearful, frozen, courageous, or hopeful.


How Can I Help You?