What Can You Expect?



Presence and attention. Relief from pain, anxiety and other symptoms. Individualized treatment plans leveraging acupuncture, hands-on therapies and herbal medicine to support you.  Encouragement of small, sustainable changes in daily life to support resilience and nurture the healing of frazzled, overwrought and exhausted bodies.



I believe the better we understand ourselves and our bodies, the easier it is for us to make choices that support our well-being whether that’s letting our bodies tell us when we need rest, listening to our gut when making a decision or learning to recognize our patterns so that we have more choice in our experience.



The opportunity to unravel your story in a healing context. A full ninety minutes at your first visit to address your symptoms, concerns and history within the larger context of your life. Clarification of what you most need right now and a treatment plan that takes into consideration the complicating factors of everyday life.



A healing space in which the somatic expressions of trauma can be safely addressed, without a set agenda other than supporting your wellbeing. Encouragement to ask questions and ask for what you need. Sessions responsive to how you are on that day and time, which may or may not use needles, because sometimes needles may be too much. A process in which you are empowered.



A space free of judgement, shaming, or should’s, in which you can walk your unique path at your own path. A space to experience your own vulnerability within the safety of authentic connection and presence, where you get to be deeply seen and heard, and your true self has permission to shine through.


How Can I Help You?