What would life be like with more vitality?

The influence of a vital person vitalizes.
— Joseph Campbell

Vitality and survival energy are the same thing. Vitality goes toward self-protection in survival. When we shift out of survival mode, we free up our vital energy to engage in curiosity, creativity, and a richer experience of life.

With the stressors of modern life, it’s far too easy for us to slip into survival energy. Our sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems go into overdrive, affecting our work, our relationships, our sex lives, our digestion, and our overall sense of peace, satisfaction and wellbeing. 

As a patient, I trust Tracy. She truly listens when I speak, communicates with me in an open way when discussing the effectiveness of treatment, and sustains a professional, yet caring relationship with me.
— JJ, Portland

Whether you’re craving a re-alignment tune-up or feeling that your system is bogged down and needs a bigger overhaul, you’ll find a haven in which you can let down for a bit and just be.

Stop and imagine that for a moment - just being. It sounds so simple, and yet in our experience it can be harder to come by. We don’t always have the freedom to take a week in the backcountry or at a yoga retreat, but if we really look for it, we can usually track down one hour in which to get support for centering, grounding, and alignment.


How Can I Help You?

Visit the FAQs page if you have any questions, or connect with me to find out how I can help. I offer all new clients a free 20-minute consultation. 


Banner photo by Nicholas Sampson