If you feel a persistent, underlying sense of “I’m not safe,” you may have experienced events in your early life that primed you to be aware of danger rather than safety. Our ability to navigate stress and challenge in everyday life is in large part influenced by our earliest experiences — in utero, through birth, and during the first 3-5 years of life.

These early years have the potential to make a big impact on our development, specifically on the ways our bodies, minds, and spirit experience safety and danger. Past traumatic or painful events can lead to chronic symptoms of hypervigilance and/or a tendency to shut down or freeze. Somatic regulation touch work can help relieve these, and other symptoms…

  • Physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, tight or tense muscles, feeling lightheaded, diarrhea or constipation, tight chest, the sensation of heavy, fatigued or weak muscles, the sense of a heavy veil draped over the face or eyes, or tingling sensations.

  • Emotional symptoms such as emotional flatness, feeling disconnected from self and others, lack of joy, racing mind, difficulty accessing curiosity and creativity.

How Somatic Regulation Can Help Heal Your Nervous System

Somatic regulation touch work is a bottom-up method of addressing the somatic (body) sense of safety. Meaning, as somatic regulation and resilience increase, there is typically a trickle-up effect on the nervous system which supports resilience on cognitive, social, and behavioral levels. It may be a good option for those who haven’t benefitted from traditional therapy and it can be wonderfully supportive to those currently engaged in talk therapy.

Through our work together, I have a deeper understanding of how my physical symptoms and emotions are symbiotically connected. I have been supported to make lifestyle and behavioral changes that had been affecting my symptoms.

This work feels like a deep, slow waking up of the parts of myself that have had to be contracted in order to survive. This kind of softening and movement has helped me manage my stress, anxiety, insomnia and consistent fatigue. 
— Rebecca


How Can I Help You?

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Banner photo by Miriam León.